Just keeping with my slacking ways, I’m finally attempting to post some images from a road trip that Devin and I took in October.  I know.  October.  It’s February.  If it counts, the pictures have all been sorted for a while.

So, my girlfriend and I intended to drive to her storage unit in Baltimore and well, it only made sense to make it more of a trip, right?  First stop was to a dear friends house in Asheville, NC. Went to an Art show and bought an amazing horse hair piece of pottery.  Oh, did I mention this will be a long post?  Prepare yourself.  So, great food, even better company, a selfie having breakfast on our way out, and we were headed to Baltimore.

horse hair pottery asheville


flat tire in baltimore girls road trip




Only 5 minutes from our destination in  Baltimore annnnnd a flat tire.  Thankful for AAA and her family for coming to sit with us.  I say flat…I mean a shredded tire.  Whatcha gonna do?  To console ourselves we went and got a beer and a crab cake. 🙂





We ran over to Philadelphia for the day.

philadelphia road trip


We went to a museum.  SO very cool.


Yep I had to try Carlos.  Sadly I wasn’t impressed.  Shrug.  At least now I know.

Also had to have a Philly Cheesecake.  DUH




Finally in Brooklyn!  A friend told us to check out Marlow & Sons.  It was so good.  And Gratuity free!  I had never been to a restuarant like that before.

marlow & sons brooklyn restaurant


street photography















brooklyn night photos


For breakfast we ate at a place called Sunday in Brooklyn.  The pancakes are a little crazy!  lol  Great food!


Now off to New York City.  I can’t even express how much I love NYC.  Central Park ahhh.  So big tho!


central park nyc pictures


Ya gotta see Grand Central everytime you are there right?


haha a toy store for photographers


Of course we are starving.  I’m always hungry.  Another recommendation that did NOT disappoint was Momofuku. Ya’ll, I didn’t know that fried chickpeas were a thing.  I’d eat those daily!

nyc momofuku


AND we are back on the road again.  Headed for Maine.  Pitstop at Yale, because well, we’ve never seen it. 🙂


yale campus new england fall foliage

Oh my goodness I love red.  Is my favorite color!


she loves when I take her picture.  haha

Ok, so I think I should end it here.  This is so long!  Next stop is Maine!




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