Everyone is always asking what colors to wear on the beach.  I have some thoughts on my FAQ page about that but here are some images from sessions of colors that look nice IMO.

I LOVE color on the beach.  What is important is to balance that color across the family.  Example, a family of 4 with one boy and one girl.. Say you want to have Navy and White as your colors.  Have daughter in a printed navy/white dress.  Have dad in a navy shirt and white shorts/pants.  Have son in navy shorts and white shirt.  The mom can be in all white.  What you DON'T want is to have everyone in white shorts and everyone in navy tops.  It doesn't look balanced (to me).  Mix the top and bottoms up. 

Ok, "MY" preference for colors?  Muted colors.  Earth tone versions.  A pop of deep red or rusty orange make me happy.  Sage Green. My least favorite color in the HIStory of colors is sea-foam green. There, I said it.  I also love deep browns and mustard.
 My all time favorite out-fit?  Stripes with a deep red shoe.  That outfit will get you on the first page of my website lol.

Hope this helps!

30a portrait photography - color ideas