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gwyne gray - 30a photographer

No matter what is documented, let's not forget to print those memories.  I'll admit, I have a few years worth of images waiting to be put into albums.  Don't be like me!  I have a lot of great memories captured on digital files of my children playing at the beach.  I have Christmas memories of trips we've gone on to places like Tennessee, Alaska, Spain, Rome, Italy, and on cruises to the caribbean.  Those memories should be accessible.  In an album.  Albums of photos is where it all began for me as a child.  And now those photos serve as my memories as well.  Some photos ingrained certain memories from my childhood.  No matter how many times I viewed the albums, I kept doing it over and over.

So, it is my goal to get all of MY memories into albums instead of just putting my clients memories into albums.  You know the saying, the plumber has leaky faucets?  gah So, if you read this, feel free to send me a text asking me if I'm working toward my personal printing goals.