Ahhhh the annual beach trips.  I have some repeat clients that I see every year.  Some go back as far as 20 years. 20 years in a row!  They come every summer and have photos made EVERY year.  I've watched them have children and those children grow up.  What an honor!  I don't have annual family portraits.  gasp.  The horror right?  I wish I had started that habit when my children were little.  Now don't feel bad for me, it's not like I don't take photos of them.  I tortured them for years.  To the point that they were no longer willing subjects. They even wouldn't go to the beach with me unless it was Mother's Day. lol  They were all born here, and are not as excited by it.  But to have annual photos; what an amazing memory.  It will be a wall of amazing memories after the children have grown and left the home.  That time is upon me.  I'm now a Gigi. :) 

So, one of said LONG-time clients HATED photos from day one.  He shall remain nameless, not that he'd read this anyhow.  Every year he'd begrudgingly show-up.  Hating every second. And letting me know he hated every second.  It made me smile inside, I like a challenge.  Sometimes he'd bring a cooler with cocktails to make the torture less intense.  But you know what?  The last two years, he hasn't hated it.  He didn't appreciate me calling him out on that fact.  But nonetheless, he now sees the value.  He now has years worth of precious memories on his wall at home that his wife made him endure.  

You won't regret it. I promise. 
Suck it up buttercup.

I've been a 30a and Destin family portrait photographer for 23 years. I know...I'm old(er) ha. I adore children and creating tangible memories.  Having children (5) and working with families for so many years, I'm confident I can get anyone to relax for a photo.  yes, even the husband that begrudgingly agrees to a family portrait when the big game is on.  When you hire me for your session, I will make it fun, painless and deliver beautiful photographs of your time together on vacation.

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