I can shoot outdoor sessions several times in a day.  Each time might look a bit different.  Below are some images taken at sunrise (which I mostly don't do because the sun doesn't rise over the gulf so meh), early morning (7-8am), and late afternoon (5-5:30pm).  I do many sessions at 5pm and often have people wanting to know what they might look like.  No two days are the same, sometimes it's cloudy, sometimes it's bright.  Cloudy is always amazing for portraits, harsh sun can be difficult. Bright days can be squinty yes, but that's when you get the prettiest water color and the whitest sand.  The colors are more vivid during the late afternoon and they are more muted or pastel or golden during sunset.  You lose the amazing reflection of the water with the setting sun, but it's a trade off for a couple of degrees cooler temps and less squinting.  Well, and the colors of sunset if that day has a pretty sky.  There are pros and cons to each time frame.  Late afternoon times are also for little ones whose bedtime is before 7pm. 

So below will be more-so bright sunny light.  All of these are in or around Hwy 30a, with more of the sessions in Rosemary Beach, Watercolor and Seaside.  I like shooting in locations with more than one background.


early morning (1 hr after sunrise)

late afternoon (2 hrs 30min b4 sunset)

30a Beach photographer